Hello My Sister-

I bet you’ve had this thought before…
If I had enough money to hire a personal chef, nutritionist, trainer, yogi, creative coach and meditation teacher, it would be so easy.
I could get into shape.
I could be skinny.

Not true.  Checkout the story below and lemme explain to you why all the money in the world will never solve your food issues.

I recently listened to a podcast featuring Robb Wolf, an en vogue, highly educated, well-respected health expert.  The story he shared was fascinating.

Early in his career, Robb worked with a 400-pound billionaire to help him lose weight and get into shape.
As you’d expect, Robb designed meticulous meal plans, told the chef what to prepare, planned careful workouts, cleared out the pantry and filled it with “approved” foods.
In the name of accountability, he went everywhere with The Billionaire, and even accompanied him on world-wide business trips.

And no weight was being lost.

One day the smell of donuts led Robb to find The Billionaire inhaling a bag of donuts in his home office.
This man had the best around-the-clock support and resources money could buy…

It turns out the big brother/clean pantry combo wasn’t an effective tool.  
The Billionaire paid one of his house staff to buy donuts, another to throw them over the gate, and another to smuggle the contraband into the house.

Like any dedicated employee, Robb hunted down the guilty staff and offered them even more money NOT to buy their boss his donuts.
The Billionaire caught wind of the do-not-buy-the-boss-donuts scheme and swiftly declared that any staff not adhering to his orders would be fired.

Dearest-clearing out pantries and all that nonsense that we see the celeb trainers do on TV-is utter crap.
Where there’s a will for donuts, there’s a way to find them.

Because you can actually leave your house and get that food whenever you darn well please.
And after a certainly number of minutes, hours, days, weeks…you do.
You get the food.
You find yourself in your car, on your kitchen floors, hidden in the copy room or locked in your bathroom, with an empty bag of ______________ (insert your go-to binge food here).

As emotional eating expert Geneen Roth states, “For every diet there’s an equal and opposite binge.”
This about sums up why diets have a whopping 97% failure rate.
We can deprive ourselves for only so long until we turn into a starving lunatic and eat our body weight in our go-to binge foods.

Sound familiar?
Yeah, I’ve been there too.

Back to The Billionaire.
He did lose weight, but no thanks to a diet plan and a clean pantry.
Robb quit The Billionaire the moment he recognized donuts were not the issue.
In fact, he advised The Billionaire to hire a coach to sort out why he was bingeing on all shades of crappy food.
Good news ending-The Billionaire stopped bingeing, lost the weight, and he and Robb are now good friends.

The Billionaire had more money than most of us can imagine to hire the world’s very best to tell him what, when and how much to eat, when to work out, when to sleep etc. etc.
It didn’t work.
Sustainable weight loss is about doing the important inner work first.
Once you do the inner work your outer world-your weight-catches up.

It’s not about the donuts, Sister.  If it was, those of us with emotional eating tendencies, like The Billionaire, would simply stop eating donuts and get skinny.

That’s the work I do.
I help women find what’s underneath the donuts.
And you don’t need to be A Billionaire to work with me.

I have room to start ONE new 1:1 client the week of June 18th.
Want in?  Apply here.  Do it now, before the spot is gone.
Let’s solve your food struggles, for real, for good.

With So Much Love,
Crystal, XO.