“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

4 Reasons to Ditch your Weight List.

If you’re like most of my clients you have a Weight List.

You know that list…the one that starts like this, “When I lose weight I will, __________________.

No matter how you filled in that blank…here are 4 sane reasons why you should kick that Weight List to the curb and do what you want to do, right now. No matter your weight.

1. More joy = less weight.
Constantly focusing on how things will be at some magical point in time leads you right on out of the here and now. Think about it, if you actually lived how you wanted to, did the things that bring you joy-NOW-you would spend less of your precious brain space obsessing about dieting. In my experience, more authentic joy usually results in weighing less. Why? You start getting more joy out of life and less joy outta food.

2. How do you imagine you will feel at Size X? You can feel that way now.
One of my teachers says it’s not the thing we want as much as the feeling we think the thing will give us. Imagine you’re at your goal weight, write down how you imagine you will feel…maybe words like, proud, confident, worthy are coming to mind. Guess what, Sister? Those feelings are available to you, at any size. Here’s a great experiment. The next time you walk into a room say to yourself, “I am proud. I am confident. I am worthy.” Breathe into it, even if you don’t totally believe it yet. Notice how differently people respond to you.  Why?  How people respond to you has much more to do with your own thoughts about yourself than your weight.  Be intentional, practise trying on those feelings you think you have to weight on.  It will make all the difference in your weight loss journey.  I promise.

3.  Hate leads to hate, not weight loss.
You can’t hate yourself into weight loss.  You need to change the way you think about yourself and talk to yourself, now. You’re wrong-o if you’re imaging those thoughts and crappy self talk will go away just because you weigh less on the scale.  If left unchecked that crap will follow you all the way to Size X.  And then guess what happens?  Size X is never quite good enough because sure, we have less body weight, but we are still left with our crappy thoughts.  And you know what unfiltered, crappy thoughts do? Help us gain the weight back.

4. Somebody in this world would think they won the lottery if they woke up in your body.
Ever thought of that?  There’s many women in this world who would think they were in Heaven if they woke up in your body. Yes yours. Imagine that woman hearing all of the things you are weighting on.  Imagine for a moment she could hear you speak to yourself.  Imagine her shock her amazement that a woman fortunate enough to be YOUR size allowed it hold you back.

Do our world a favour.  Do you.  Now.  Regardless of your weight.  

I just had another incredible client finish her 8-week program. She lost weight, she learned how to manage her thoughts, she took back the power she’d given to chocolate bars.  Sound like stuff you want? Let’s talk about what a weight loss coach-who doesn’t prescribe diets-really does. Take 5 to fill out this form: https://flourishintoyou.com/connection-call-application/  I will email you to arrange a call.

Here’s to shining bright regardless of our weight today,

Crystal, XO.

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