8 Week Program

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Here is the 411 on my Signature 8-week life coaching program

Better thoughts=better feelings=better actions=better results…weight loss!

Over the course of eight weeks, we focus on changing how and what you are thinking.  Most overweight women use cruel and unusual diet and exercise plans, which inevitably fail, and then blame themselves for the failure.  As your life coach, I’m more interested in your thoughts than your weight, your calorie consumption, or if you’ve gained or lost a gram.  Wanna know something I know for sure?  There is something underneath your food struggles. Once we get to the root, you will heal and you will Flourish.

Each week we look at a different issue impacting your weight. We work through the focus together. I provide you with all of the tools, exercises, guidance and support you need to dive into it during the week and then build for the following week. I’m with you every step of the way.  I’m deeply committed to your success.

You can do this, Let’s Flourish.

WEEK 1: Break Up With Your Thoughts

Break up with the thoughts keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals. I teach you how to choose your thoughts and behaviours at that beginning of each day so the you being to Flourish, day by day.

WEEK 2: Love Your Body. Today.

What have you been waiting for?  Love your body, as she shows up today.  We explore how you would show up in the world if you accepted yourself as you are right this moment, and then grew from there.

WEEK 3: It’s Not About The Food

What are you using food to buffer, conceal or avoid dealing with?  It’s not about the food, what’s underneath your overeating is your key to freedom.

WEEK 4: Trust Yourself

Imagine no longer being threatened by your favourite binge foods.  Imagine having chocolate in your pantry…and forgetting about it!  You have a choice in what you put in your mouth.  You choose how you want to feel after you eat.  This key understanding alone is life changing.

WEEK 5: Get Moving

Your body wants to move. Together we figure out how you can enjoy and embrace movement you love. No torture, nothing excruciating involved.

WEEK 6: Organize Your Life

Remove the overwhelm from your life. I will teach you how to de-clutter the areas of your life that are causing you to eat. Let’s talk about how you can be productive and stop using food to procrastinate what you’re really meant to do this world.

WEEK 7: Self Care

What if you were a woman who really took exquisite care of herself?  Imagine treating yourself as well as you treat everyone else in your life.  Together we explore why taking care of yourself first might actually be the least selfish thing that you could possibly do.

WEEK 8: Future Focus.

We end our journey with a celebration of YOU! We will celebrate you and how far you’ve come. We build a plan for the future and decide what’s next in your personal journey to Flourish.

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