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A Powerful Question for Weight Loss


I know you want the answer to your weight-loss struggles.  Like yesterday.

I believed for so long that if someone would just tell me what and when to eat so that I could feel full for more than 28 seconds that I could do it.  I could lose weight.  I could be so happy.  I could be Ms America.  I was certain someone out there had the answer.  As a result I spent decades scouring nutrition books and going on and off every diet in the known world.

I bet my findings from a recent survey will resonate with you:

  • most women stick to their diet for days, not weeks, not months, not years
  • although women are excited about a non-diet approach to weight loss, they’re confused about what to eat
  • women think they need to increase their discipline and willpower in order to lose weight

We’re starting to get that diets don’t work.  The problem is, we don’t understand how to lose weight without a diet.

GOOD NEWS ALERT:  There is someone who has the answers, and it’s not the chief points calculator at Weight Watchers. …wait for it…it was ME and it is YOU.

I’m not willing to write a blog to tell you what to eat, nor will I tell my clients what to eat. Trust me, that’s not actually what you need.  Rather, I make gentle suggestions to help each individual client figure it out.  Here’s a question that is a starting point for all of my clients.  It’s simple, it works.

Consider…How do I want to feel in an hour?

When I eat breakfast I know that I want to feel energized, comfortably full, focused and creative: well set up for the day. This morning that meant a feta and asparagus omelette, some tomatoes, a good portion of walnuts and a huge cup of coffee with cream.  Some women find they feel spectacular on some oatmeal, yogurt and berries.  Although delicious and oft prescribed by dieticians, if I ate that breakfast my body would feel hungry and tired in an hour.

Experimentation = knowledge.

I used current research about higher fat diets as my jumping off point to tweak my nourishment.  I did not follow any preset prescription, I experimented.  I figured out that although wildly healthy, green smoothies don’t give me the energy I want.  I experimented until I felt the way I wanted to feel each time I eat.

Start thinking trial and error and stop worrying about what your sister/friend/mother/Jillian Michaels eats.  My sister is naturally thin.  If I ate how her body needs to eat I wouldn’t feel well.  Figure out how certain foods make you feel, how long foods keep you full, and how much energy they give you.  Hint: Fat is your friend, you might just need more of it.

The question of how you want to feel in an hour is also most helpful when you feel the binge urge coming on.  Asking myself how I want to feel in an hour stops me enroute to scavenging through my pantry and freezer to binge.  Why?  In one hour I know I will feel ashamed, let down, guilty and that doesn’t even cover the physical symptoms of a binge.  No thanks.  Instead of focusing on what I think I want right now-stale Timbits, bread, frozen cheesecake, wagon wheels…I focus on what I want in the future.  And it’s never to feel like crap.

In my philosophy you will lose weight if you pay attention to your body, decide in advance how you want to feel and eat in a way that nourishes YOUR body.  You will not lose weight for the long term if you deprive it with not enough food or punish it with too much.

Some helpful ideas to consider:
-You always choose to eat (or binge), you’re not a robot
-Before eating, decide how you want to feel-mentally and physically-in an hour
-Eat in such a way to achieve those feelings
-in an hour check in with yourself
-tweak if necessary + repeat

I guarantee you that my approach is different than all the other things I know you’ve tried. I’ve tried them all too. I’d love to hear about you. I’d love to share my ideas with you. E-mail me: crystal@flourishintouyou.com  Let’s arrange a chat.

With Love,

Crystal, XO.

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