I am Crystal Thompson. I work with incredible women. I work with women who are done with diets, who know the answers to a Flourishing Life won’t be found in the next diet book, who are sick of counting every calorie, point and carb gram, who are tired of starting over every single Monday. I work with women who are ready to address their whole life so that chocolate cake and ripple chips with onion dip are not the most fulfilling part of their day.

I am Crystal Thompson. I am a product of life coaching; I do the real work. Life coaching helped me Flourish in every area of my life. Seven years ago, I was an overweight, scared-to-death new Mom in an unsuitable marriage. I lived in a house that didn’t feel like me, both literally and metaphorically.  Over-sized moo moos hid the body I hated. Despite making a lot of money, I avoided paying bills because I didn’t believe I deserved what I was given. I was a couch potato. I filled my evenings with endless mindless TV and sought to comfort myself with guilt-ridden binges.  I was on a diet cycle where I’d “fall off the wagon” by 3pm and be at the bottom of a Hagen Diaz pint by 8pm, all the while promising myself I would start again tomorrow.

I am Crystal Thompson. Today I know exactly who I am. I Flourish. Today I easily stay at a weight that is natural and healthy for my body.  No more diets, no more starting over.  The life I live now is unrecognizable from my former life. This is what I want for you!  Today I am a peaceful and happy mom, step mom, wife, ex-wife and wiener dog owner who no longer obsesses over food and my weight. I know what it takes to make BIG changes. I know it takes support to Flourish, to grow into YOU. Women come to me because they think weight is their issue…that if they could just lose 10, 20, 30 pounds they would be happy. Your weight is just a symptom of something much deeper. Together, we will find what that is and fix the problem forever.

I am Crystal Thompson. I am a life coach trained through the Martha Beck Institute.  My own coaching experiences coupled with my formal training enable me to quickly help women discover and dismantle the thoughts that keep them stuck in the same crappy patterns. Do these thoughts sound a little too familiar? I need to lose 10 pounds before I can buy new clothes, have sex with the lights on, go for that job promotion, join that workout class, wear a bikini, show up to volunteer at my kids’ school, take time to relax. Blah, blah, blah. These are lies. You can do all those things NOW, regardless of your weight. I help women discover who they will be without those crappy thoughts.

I am Crystal Thompson. I believe in you. I get you. You’re an incredibly busy mom. You juggle a lot. You’re smart. You’re educated. You can’t believe you haven’t been able to solve your weight issue on your own. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, but you know it’s time for change.

I am Crystal Thompson. I’m a Canadian Gal, eh?  I can work with you anywhere.  It’s 2018…technology is cool like that.  Don’t worry-it’s simple and easy. It doesn’t sound that glamorous. Except it is. You can relax in the comfort of your own environment. We concentrate on the task at hand. I help you reach your goals from the inside out.