“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

Are You Confused?

Confused about what a weight-loss coach who doesn’t prescribe diets or crazy workout regimes actually does? I got your back, Sister! Let’s dig into what the process of Flourish actually looks like.

Most importantly-each woman’s journey is unique. This is why I don’t offer a cookie-cutter approach. How I coach and the path we follow depends solely on each woman is at and what she needs in her personal journey to Flourishing.

With my client’s permisson, I’m sharing an abridged outline of her journey to Flourishing as she worked with me. I think it will resonate with you.

Week 1: We worked on your morning ritual. We also started working on the thought, food is comfort and unpacked why this thought isn’t true. We looked at ways to add more pleasure into your life so that all your pleasure isn’t found in food. You realized how much sugar you’re consuming in the form of Coke and chocolate. You decided it was time to review your portion sizes.

Week 2: We celebrated you getting up earlier to have a personal morning ritual. You started doing your own thought models and changed your thoughts from, food is comfort to health is comfort. You decided on a goal weight of 180. We discussed weighing yourself daily and coaching yourself around the number on the scale.

Week 3: We looked at ways for you to move your body and the idea of a minimum baseline for movement; you decided yours would be 15 minutes 5x/week. We started dismantling your thoughts about sugar. We changed the thought, sugar has power over me to, I peacefully co-exist in a world with sugar. We discussed the result of that thought would likely be that it would be easy to live without sugar…and from what I can see, I think that this has become true! You implemented the Joy Eating Tool.

Week 4: You gave up Coke easily! After we realized it was a “fiend,” saying goodbye to it became a non issue. You noted that you were, “Coming out of the fog in one piece.” You changed your goal weight to 150. You started noticing small changes in your body like, “feeling smaller, breathing easier and that your lungs feel like you can get them full.” You started paying attention to how you were feeling both during and after eating. We discussed gently cutting back on carbs and getting more healthy fats into your diet.

Week 5: You’ve lost 12 pounds. You revisited ways to include more pleasure in your life. You stated you were eating more lovely meals and that you had more energy! In fact, you were more excited about having more energy than the weight loss itself. You continued on with your minimum baseline exercise and upped it to 20 min 5x/week. We looked at how your 150 pound self would eat and act. Based on these discoveries you decided to diversify your movement by adding in a yoga DVD 1/week, evaluating your portion sizes and cutting back on carbs a little more.

Week 6: You decided it is high time to take greater risks with fashion! After all, this is part of how a woman who takes exquisite care of her self lives. You realized that, “Treating myself involves a little more time, planning, energy and thought.” You did the yoga DVD and loved it.

Week 7: You’ve lost 8.8 more pounds! You were struggling with your thoughts around time and we came up with, There is not enough time for everything, but there is time for everything that is important to me. You decided it was time to add more vegetables into your diet. You declared that, “There’s a greater ease to everything I’m doing and that eating well is fun!” You did fewer modifications on your yoga DVD and decided it may be time to move to a more difficult DVD. You started identifying yourself as, “I am a woman who moves her body.” You again reported that you had more energy, and were feeling lovely, lighter and healthier. You noted that you love the pace at which your body is changing.

Week 8: You lost another 2 pounds! You had a friend in town and did the longest walk of your life, which was 2.5-3 hours! You spent quality time with your friend and did not use this visit as an excuse to overeat-you made and ate lovely meals. We discussed some basic nutrition ideas for you to take forward with you. You’re now moving your body at least 20 minutes a day 6 times/week. You decided to join a yoga class! Your final sentiment about our journey together was, “I didn’t know it could be this easy.” You are set up and confident to Flourish on your own.

Not your usual approach, is it? But this client did lose almost 25 pounds in our work together! What if it could be easy…I know what you’re thinking. I know you’ve tried it all. But, you are not beyond help.

I only have TWO 1:1 COACHING SPOTS left for 2017. What are you waiting for? My package prices will increase a lot come January 1. SO…grab your spot. Let’s get started so you can walk into 2018 with a FLOURISH.

Shoot me an email: crystal@flourishintoyou.com Let’s arrange a quick chat to get you started on YOUR PATH.

Crystal, XO

PS…Here’s what one of my clients had to say lately: “I’ve invested in lots of coaching programs and I’m shocked the you were able to give me a “fresh” approach to weight loss. I didn’t think this was possible. You’ve proven to me that it is!”

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