When you’re dying to binge.

Let's be real.  Sometimes I'm dying to binge. True story. The urges to binge still come.  And it's OK. Stick with me so I can give you some super duper help on dealing with binge urges. BIG FAT AHA MOMENT: even when you've mastered dealing with binge urges, they will still come. But first, lemme explain what happened. My husband and I have a rental property that our renters finally moved ... [Read More]

Love is patient, Love is kind. Really? For Whom?

Love is patient. Love is kind. This quote is part of a lengthy Bible passage on the subject of love. You likely heard it at the last wedding you attended. You've likely heard it quoted before in the context of how to serve others first. Have you ever considered applying love like this to yourself? I want to challenge you in all things to choose love first.Today-let's apply this concept ... [Read More]

Your power, your choice.

I bet you can relate to this. You've been on so many diets and ups and downs and merry go rounds that you barely know what in tarnation to eat anymore. The food police-from decades of dieting-yell at you in your head, on the daily. You know the food police... They told you to eat low fat. Then they told you to eat 5-6 small meals to stay in-the Zone. Then they told you to eat lots of ... [Read More]

What lies beneath the food struggle.

Hello My Sister- I bet you've had this thought before... If I had enough money to hire a personal chef, nutritionist, trainer, yogi, creative coach and meditation teacher, it would be so easy. I could get into shape. I could be skinny. Not true.  Checkout the story below and lemme explain to you why all the money in the world will never solve your food issues. I recently listened to a ... [Read More]

Why I want you to keep brownies on your counter.

Has this life coach lost her dang mind?  Stay with me....it will make sense to you in a few short moments...but first... I used to think brownies happened to me.  Whenever they existed within my vicinity, lots of them happened to jump into my mouth.  Without choice. Can I get a shout out for legit crazy thinking? GIRL! Food does not happen to you.  Eating does not happen to you.  Bingeing ... [Read More]