How to beat Food Fear This Christmas

Hey Sister... Imagine walking through Christmas with JOY and VICTORY versus the usual fear of food and weight gain...Sound awesome? I'm trying something a little different for you this week! If you're freaked out about Christmas eating, parties, weight gain...all the things. I made a video for you. Watch it here. When you watch this short video, you'll learn the one questions to ask ... [Read More]

On Casting Your Cares

If you're anything like the rest of the world, this is the time of year when you're getting... Tired, Weary, Overwhelmed. Christmas is around the corner. Kids sports are in high gear. Homework is an epic event every evening. Year end is knocking on your door. And maybe your to-do list is so overwhelming you have trouble breathing. Hang tight-you'll have a tiny 2-step plan for dealing ... [Read More]

When all you want is 6 donuts.

Hey Sister- If you're stuck in the middle of emotional and binge eating... I got your back, Girl. I know you're beyond tired of those Outta Nowhere cravings for food. This happened to me the other day. I had a crappy meeting at my bank. Driving out of the parking lot, here were my thoughts: I want some donuts. I have time to get some. No one will know. ​I can eat them all before ... [Read More]

Do you Struggle with End of the Week SUCK-ITIS?

Sister...Do you know what End-of-the-Week Suck-Itis is? EOTWS is a real thing. Lemme show you what it is, why it happens and give you the cure. The Story of EOTWS  Monday begins beautifully. You've got your new plan, your groceries, your lists. You're losing 5 pounds this week. You sail through Monday. Yes!  Finally a plan that works... And you're only a little hungry. You do your ... [Read More]

When you’re dying to binge.

Let's be real.  Sometimes I'm dying to binge. True story. The urges to binge still come.  And it's OK. Stick with me so I can give you some super duper help on dealing with binge urges. BIG FAT AHA MOMENT: even when you've mastered dealing with binge urges, they will still come. But first, lemme explain what happened. My husband and I have a rental property that our renters finally moved ... [Read More]

Love is patient, Love is kind. Really? For Whom?

Love is patient. Love is kind. This quote is part of a lengthy Bible passage on the subject of love. You likely heard it at the last wedding you attended. You've likely heard it quoted before in the context of how to serve others first. Have you ever considered applying love like this to yourself? I want to challenge you in all things to choose love first.Today-let's apply this concept ... [Read More]

Your power, your choice.

I bet you can relate to this. You've been on so many diets and ups and downs and merry go rounds that you barely know what in tarnation to eat anymore. The food police-from decades of dieting-yell at you in your head, on the daily. You know the food police... They told you to eat low fat. Then they told you to eat 5-6 small meals to stay in-the Zone. Then they told you to eat lots of ... [Read More]

What lies beneath the food struggle.

Hello My Sister- I bet you've had this thought before... If I had enough money to hire a personal chef, nutritionist, trainer, yogi, creative coach and meditation teacher, it would be so easy. I could get into shape. I could be skinny. Not true.  Checkout the story below and lemme explain to you why all the money in the world will never solve your food issues. I recently listened to a ... [Read More]

Why I want you to keep brownies on your counter.

Has this life coach lost her dang mind?  Stay with me....it will make sense to you in a few short moments...but first... I used to think brownies happened to me.  Whenever they existed within my vicinity, lots of them happened to jump into my mouth.  Without choice. Can I get a shout out for legit crazy thinking? GIRL! Food does not happen to you.  Eating does not happen to you.  Bingeing ... [Read More]

When Every Monday is D-Day.

Hold onto your seat, Dear One.  The story below might sting a bit... Diets revolve around extremes, deprivation and big-time rules. Try any diet and you will lose weight, if you stick to it...forever. Sure diets work. But not for the long term. If diets worked for the long term they wouldn't have a failure rate of 98 point something %. You'd only have had to join Weight Watchers that one ... [Read More]

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