Do you Remember your First Diet?

I do. I was in Grade 9. It was 1989. My volleyball coach told our team that he’d lost a bunch of weight using this awesome thing called SlimFast shakes. I have no memory of how I bought the shake mix, but I do remember having it, hiding it, drinking it and being embarrassed that I clearly needed it. I was 13-years-old. I was not overweight. What in the world was I doing on a DIET??? I'd just ... [Read More]

Are You Confused?

Confused about what a weight-loss coach who doesn't prescribe diets or crazy workout regimes actually does? I got your back, Sister! Let's dig into what the process of Flourish actually looks like. Most importantly-each woman’s journey is unique. This is why I don't offer a cookie-cutter approach. How I coach and the path we follow depends solely on each woman is at and what she needs in her ... [Read More]

Ready for a Taste of Freedom from Dieting?

Ready for a taste of freedom from dieting? Then here’s a powerful question to answer. Who would you be without all those dieting rules filling up your big, beautiful brain? I recently posed this question to a client. This client is an incredible, charismatic and vibrant woman. She is hugely successful. She is a doctor. She has been on every diet known to woman. As have I. I bet you have ... [Read More]

Trick or Treat? YOU Get to Choose.

Happy Halloween. I’m going to keep this short, sweet and totally actionable. I know you think those tiny bags of candy and tiny chocolate bars are calling you by name.  Except they're not.  You do not have to overeat on Halloween candy this year. It has no control over you. Instead of thinking, Crap. It’s Halloween. I’m going to eat a ton of candy. Think about how you want to feel when ... [Read More]

4 Reasons to Ditch your Weight List.

If you’re like most of my clients you have a Weight List. You know that list…the one that starts like this, “When I lose weight I will, __________________. No matter how you filled in that blank...here are 4 sane reasons why you should kick that Weight List to the curb and do what you want to do, right now. No matter your weight. 1. More joy = less weight. Constantly focusing on how ... [Read More]

The Period Edition: Red Tent Yourself

Yup this week we’re talking about that period. Many of us await our Lady Business’ arrival with an overwhelming sense of dread. The days leading up to Her you tell any and every woman willing to listen that your PMS is worse than ever. Sugar+carbs fall down your throat, you assume, involuntarily. You can barely drag yourself outta bed.  Simple tasks like school lunches make you want to cry. ... [Read More]

Willpower OR Freedom.

  You found The Diet. The one that promises to be the last diet you'll ever need. Your friend lost 12 pounds on it. It's 9am Monday morning and it's on like Donkey Kong; you have all of your food perfectly portioned and packed. You’ve hidden your “bad” food, because outta sight outta mind.  Your fat days are surely over. You have a crazy day at work. You manage to ignore the donuts in ... [Read More]

Lessons in Weight Loss From my Weiner Dog.

Weiner dogs are notorious for being difficult to house train, not liking children and barking at strangers. Clearly a perfect breed for our clan: we keep a mostly meticulous household, we have 4 children and we entertain often. Upon Derek the Dachshund's arrival to our family we put up a movable 10x4 White Plank to block him from peeing on the carpeted areas of our home. When he was a puppy he ... [Read More]

The Last Supper. Really?

When we are in the thick of crappy diet mentality, we often "enjoy" big elaborate Last Suppers. And I use the word enjoy loosely...because how enjoyable has a food comma ever been? In the world of crappy diets, a Last Supper can be defined as sentences in your head that go something like this: "I’m just gonna eat this large pizza,+ a chocolate Sundae + a bag of ripple chips and onion dip. Today ... [Read More]

A One-Sided Affair

I admit it.  I’ve had a one-sided affair with Snooze for way too long.  I gave myself to Snooze every single morning for 30 years.  I kept thinking Snooze was a good idea, that one day it would show me some love back.  Alas, decades of devotion to Snooze has given me a Big Fat Nothing in return. According to entrepreneurial coach Eben Pagan, “Your first ritual that you do during the day is the ... [Read More]