Are You Paying Yourself First?

Forbes names paying yourself first as THE habit to boost wealth.  In other words, you wanna make a deposit into your nest egg before handing over one red hot cent to anything or anyone.  Let’s apply this simple theory to the wealth that has nothing to do with money: self care. Do you give yourself the first of anything? If you’re like most of my clients you will have experienced putting ... [Read More]

Confused about Ditching Diets?

A couple of women have told me recently that they are confused about an anti-diet approach to weight loss.  Perfect.  Thank you.  Let’s address that. The Word, “Diet” Miriam Webster defines the word diet a couple of ways.  One is, “a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight.”  Exactly.  In my mind traditional diets = deprivation + following someone else’s rules ... [Read More]

On Bikinis and Being 41

Hello.  My name is Crystal Thompson and I’ve never had a perfect body.  For the last 40 years I've declined all invites to pool parties, camping getaways and weekend trips.  Everyone else had a perfect body so clearly they deserved to go while I clearly deserved to stay home, wearing a moo moo, eating Hagen Daaz, loathing my imperfection. Two summers ago, while my husband Blair and I were still ... [Read More]

A Powerful Question for Weight Loss

  I know you want the answer to your weight-loss struggles.  Like yesterday. I believed for so long that if someone would just tell me what and when to eat so that I could feel full for more than 28 seconds that I could do it.  I could lose weight.  I could be so happy.  I could be Ms America.  I was certain someone out there had the answer.  As a result I spent decades scouring ... [Read More]

On having short hair and 1.5 lips

These days my hair is only growing on one side of my head. I went to my beloved hairdresser to have my lop-sided folicles evened up.  I came home with hair much shorter than I’d anticipated.  Not my hairdresser's fault, he did the best he could with what he was presented. On June 30th, 2010 I went to a friend's house to watch a movie.  That night her dog took a bite out of the left half of ... [Read More]

Don’t Let a Gift Become a Burden

  Wow. The quote, “Don’t let a gift become a burden” hit me like a ton of Happiness Bricks when I listened to Gretchen Rubin’s podcast Happier earlier this week. I was immediately reminded of the Bible story where Jesus visits the home of Mary and Martha.  Mary sits enraptured by His teachings, while her sister Martha runs around like a crazy woman (I would imagine) getting everything ... [Read More]

Can you eat just one piece of chocolate?

Can you eat one piece of chocolate? Can you? I can’t. Popular culture, and particularly programs built around the idea of moderation, such as Weight Watchers, have told us that we should be able to eat whatever we want-in moderation-one piece of chocolate, 5 bites of cake, a handful of chips. Moderation is the golden ticket to all things. Right. This idea makes perfect sense on a logical ... [Read More]

No Thanks Sloth Mode

  Does your weekend screw up or help your weight loss attempts? One of my beloved 1:1 clients, "Anne" viewed the weekend as a time to go full out into what she brilliantly deemed “sloth mode.” You know the mode…the one where we lay in bed forever, eat crappy food, watch endless Netflix, lay around some more, not move our bodies, eat stale saltines from the back of the cupboard and ... [Read More]

The Anatomy of Flourishing

So, I call myself a weight coach but I don’t prescribe diets or cruel and unusual exercise regimes. I talk about walking with a woman to Flourish Into Herself so that the weight looks after itself.  Let's talk about what this means. Does Flourishing happen magically? Kind of. Is it without effort? Nope. Each woman’s journey is different.  How I coach and the path we follow depends solely on ... [Read More]

Time to Break Up with Your Diet Rules?

You know what Sisters? I’ve been a good girl all my life. I tried to follow all the rules. I really did. So, when I came across diet rules that I perceived as working for everyone else…well heck ya, I followed them. Except they didn’t work. In fact, I think trying so so very hard to be a good girl and follow the diet rules was a big ol’ contributing factor to my binge and emotional eating ... [Read More]