Week 1-Overpower Your Overeating

Question your thoughts, not your willpower. Make 2017 YOUR year, for reals.  Welcome to the first week of our 4-part series. I will help you conquer your overeating so that you can lose the weight, for good. Let me guess, it’s the beginning of January and this is YOUR year. Your New Year’s resolutions are written in stone. IN STONE, I SAY! 2017 is the year that you’re going to get back to ... [Read More]

Eat, Drink and BE MERRY

So, Christmas is just around the corner.   It is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, yet many of us do not feel wonderful at all.  For those of us whose drug of choice is food, it can be the most torturous time of the year.  There are mass quantities of food everywhere we turn.  What is an overeater supposed to do? Christmas is a time where many of us give up on ourselves. We ... [Read More]

My Journey to Becoming a Life Coach

Every time I tell someone I am a life coach, a huge consuming smile covers my face and a thrill runs through my veins. If you would have told me six years ago that I would become a life coach I would have surely laughed in your face. Now, I am helping women meet their weight loss goals without the traditional crappy weight loss methods. We get real, tackle the issues and lose the weight for ... [Read More]

On Some Recent Weight Gain

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it if you would take 10 minutes to read this. A little lengthier for this week...but I think you might just find a nugget here. For years I tried every single fad diet who ever walked into a room. To this day I can provide you with the calorie count, carb count, protein grams and fat content of virtually any food known to man. I admit this was with no measure of pride. ... [Read More]

On Passion, Hozier and That Look on James Corden’s Face (and a few iTunes suggestions)

I'm bursting with excitement, which is infinitely more satisfying than bursting with chocolate cake and thick icing. My website is amidst creation, AND I will be sharing a glimpse of my branding with you very shortly. Hallelujah (Handel, not Cohen). I'm following that little star on my index finger, and surprise, surprise, it's leading me right where I'm meant to be. Ponder this one: the more I ... [Read More]

On Parties and Thanksgiving-type Overeating

For years I thought I liked parties. Sometimes I was even the life of the party. But mostly, I would go to said parties and stick close at hand to whomever dragged me out. Amidst my exchanging appropriate pleasantries about what's new, how work is, and how your or my parents/kids/cats/dogs/gerbils are doing, my mind would wander to where the heck the food was. And thank God when the food came out, ... [Read More]

On getting the LEAST amount done in the MOST amount of time

Hello Friends! Here are my best tips from my former and sometimes current self: Don't think about the day ahead of you until you fall out of bed in the morning Hit snooze as many times as you can before rushing out the door. It is important to have zero time to yourself in the morning; this practice will also guarantee you to be a grump of a parent While at work, stop what you're doing ... [Read More]

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