“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

Body Image

Goodbye Fat Pig Thoughts.

  Hey Sister. Ever look in the mirror and poke and prod at a fat chunk? Ever get mad at it? Ever look at your reflection and call yourself something super awesome like, fat pig? I feel you, Sister.  It can be pretty difficult to admit what’s going on behind closed cranium.  Hang tight.  When you …

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Are You Confused?

Confused about what a weight-loss coach who doesn’t prescribe diets or crazy workout regimes actually does? I got your back, Sister! Let’s dig into what the process of Flourish actually looks like. Most importantly-each woman’s journey is unique. This is why I don’t offer a cookie-cutter approach. How I coach and the path we follow …

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Lessons in Weight Loss From my Weiner Dog.

Weiner dogs are notorious for being difficult to house train, not liking children and barking at strangers. Clearly a perfect breed for our clan: we keep a mostly meticulous household, we have 4 children and we entertain often. Upon Derek the Dachshund’s arrival to our family we put up a movable 10×4 White Plank to …

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