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Confused about Ditching Diets?

A couple of women have told me recently that they are confused about an anti-diet approach to weight loss.  Perfect.  Thank you.  Let’s address that.

The Word, “Diet”
Miriam Webster defines the word diet a couple of ways.  One is, “a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight.”  Exactly.  In my mind traditional diets = deprivation + following someone else’s rules with no regard for your body’s beautiful individuality.

When I say, “I help women ditch their crappy diets.” I refer to ditching eating sparingly.  I refer to ditching white-knuckling it so that you don’t eat more points, calories or carb grams than a prescription created for the masses.

A diet alone cannot solve a women’s overeating issues,or  why she’s turning to food and away from herself.  After all, diets have a failure rate of 99%.  If you are part of the 1%, rock on.  If you are part of the 99%, I’m with you, Sister.  Let’s look at another definition for the word diet.

The Alternative
Miriam Webster also defines the word diet as, “habitual nourishment.”  Ditching your crappy diet does not mean you eat whatever your mind is telling you you want-a slurpee for breakfast, those donuts in the staff room, a chocolate bar or three after supper-in the name of being, “anti diet.”  Heck no.  This may be habitual, but it ain’t nourishment.

To help a woman lose weight without dieting we work on defining what habitual nourishment means for her, and her alone. I help her figure out what types and how much food fuels her body.  I help her put food back into the place of nourishment.  We increase the pleasure a woman is getting in her life so that food is no longer the greatest pleasure of her life.  

The Caveat
I’m no dietician, but based on un-ignorable scientific research, my personal experience, and the unanimous results of my clients, I will unabashedly tell you that I do gently encourage a low(er) carb/high(er) fat approach to habitual nourishment.

I don’t count macros, ie. carb/fat/protein grams.   This can lead to binge-y behaviour and dieting mentality.  That’s counterproductive.  Rather, I pay attention to how varying quantities of carbs affect my energy levels, how much fat is too much and how long a certain meal keeps me full.  As a result, I have enjoyed increased energy, I no longer need to eat every 2-3 hours, I have less blood sugar swings, less sugar cravings and have lost some weight.

The Results
My clients lose weight, permanently.  Why?  We do the real work.  Instead of turning to a book, they turn to themselves.  I help them to discover the real reasons they’re overweight AND I help them learn how to habitually nourish their bodies. I teach them how to approach their habitual nourishment as a science experiment wherein their bodies are the one and only participant in the study.

I teach women how to question their thoughts and how to change them.  I encourage them to answer the question, “Who would you be if you were a woman who took exquisite care of herself?”  We then decide on small, weekly steps so that she becomes that woman.  She Flourishes.  In time, the weight gets left behind.

The Current Options      

JOIN ME LIVE: If you’re in the Winnipeg area and want to learn more about my approach to weight loss, join me at Tiber River on Kenaston at 7pm, August 14th for my Complimentary Workshop, Stop Dieting, Start Flourishing.  Space is limited.  Email me to RSVP: crystal@flourishintoyou.com

1:1 COACHING: Do you know in your heart it’s time to try something different?  Apply for my 8-week 1:1 Coaching Program here:  https://flourishintoyou.com/connection-call-application/ I will review your application and email you with a time to connect live.

Here’s to ditching crappy diets and Flourishing,

Crystal, XO.

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