“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

Do you Struggle with End of the Week SUCK-ITIS?

Sister…Do you know what End-of-the-Week Suck-Itis is?
EOTWS is a real thing.
Lemme show you what it is, why it happens and give you the cure.

The Story of EOTWS 

Monday begins beautifully.
You’ve got your new plan, your groceries, your lists.
You’re losing 5 pounds this week.
You sail through Monday.
Yes!  Finally a plan that works…
And you’re only a little hungry.

You do your naked weigh in Tuesday morning.
Thank you Jesus.
You’ve lost 1 pound!
Noon strikes. You confidently cruise past the lunch room donuts…
Nope.  Not today, Suckers.
You’ve got your plan.

Tuesday night the kids need homework help.
You forgot it’s your turn for carpool.
It’s 11: 28 and you’re still gluing macaroni to poster board.
You’re so hungry you could eat the macaroni.
You have one little off-plan snack…
That’s OK.  T’was tiny.
No biggeeeee.

You hit snooze 8 times Wednesday morning.
You rush the kids to school, cereal bars in hand.
Verging on late, you rush into work.
Your boss asks where your expense report is.
You were supposed to do it last night, but the kids…
That stupid macaroni project.
It’s all hitting the fan.

Your hunger suddenly starts screaming for something, anything.
Thank God the donuts are still in the lunch room.
You check no one’s looking and stash two in a napkin.
Now you have what it takes to really get it done.

It’s lunch hour.
Your work BFF asks you out for lunch.
Heck yes!
You order all the things.
You finished the expense report, last night was a nightmare.
Tonight is going to be nuts.
Plus, you deserve this treat.
You decide not to eat supper to make up for lunch.

Supper time hits.
One kid needs choir pants, pronto.
Second kid needs to get to hockey early.
Third kid reminds you of the promised Ardene’s trip.
You’re starving.
No time for a proper meal.  Screw it.
You eat cold Delissio and carrot sticks.
While driving to the mall.
Once again, you’re the hero.
At least the kids get everything they need.

The Lord has mercy on you-the kids go to bed early.
You deserve a break.
You NEED a break.
You grab the school lunch cookies and snacks.
You sit down and watch This is Us.
Peace.   Finally.  You time.
You need to balance out the sweet with something salty-
Where’s that jam your sister-in-law gave you in the summer?
Eating goes on until you head to bed sick and bloated.

You do your naked weigh-in Thursday morning.
You gained 1 pound.
Screw it.
You eat everything not nailed down.
But this Monday?
This will be it.

Potential Causes of Your EOTWS

Failing to commit your weight struggles to God
Crappy diets
An unrenewed mind
Restriction/starvation cycles
Break more promises to yourself than you keep
Unrealistic expectations to lose 10 pounds in 28 minutes or less
Last Supper Mentality
Continually start over tomorrow
Seriously low blood sugars
Ignoring cravings
Not dealing with stress
Believing the answer to your weights struggle will be found in the next diet book
Not enough food
Not enough help
Too much exercise/not enough
The wrong types of food
(I could go on for ever)

Your Cure for End-of-the-Week Suckitis

Diets haven’t worked for you for the last 20 years.
Why do you expect one to work now?
Diets are the shallow end of your issue.

Your Next Step

Talk to me.
Let’s go deep-Sister-to-Sister.
Grab some new thoughts to permeate your beautiful brain.
Imagine no EOTWS.
Imagine eating as well on Friday as you did on Monday

Click here.
Really. do it now.

Crystal, XO.

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