Flourish Together

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Flourish Together (3-hour group event)-for women in Winnipeg and surrounding area

Invest in a different kind home party.  This one will change your life!

4-6 participants

How many times have you felt obligated to go to a home party and walked away with $100 worth of make up, candles, lotions, potions, household items that are all lovely, but do zilch to change your life.

This is your opportunity to invest in yourself, in the company of your girlfriends.

No fluff, no nonsense, no ice breaker games.  We get down to the real work.  I teach you to question your thoughts and choose better ones.  You will leave on a path to Flourishing into You…and you will have a group of gals to hold you accountable.

We work in your space, or you are welcome to join me in my coaching space.