Hey Sister.

Ever look in the mirror and poke and prod at a fat chunk?
Ever get mad at it?
Ever look at your reflection and call yourself something super awesome like, fat pig?

I feel you, Sister.  It can be pretty difficult to admit what’s going on behind closed cranium.  Hang tight.  When you read to the end of this week’s blog you’ll have a perfect, simple tool to help you banish those garbage thoughts.  But first-a personal story about periods, fat chunks, fat pig thoughts and weight gain.  Oh my!

I’ve gained a wee bit of weight lately.  Not due to any changes in eating, exercise or sleep patterns.  But because my hormones are suddenly out of whack.  It happens.  As you read this blog I’m currently on the 18th day of my period.  Jesus take the wheel and take this bloody mess (sorry I couldn’t help myself) from my hands.  I know, I know, I’m seeing my doc tomorrow.

Here’s the thing.

Yes I’m a weight journey coach and yes I have weight fluctuations, just like you do.  I have the same initial thoughts and feelings you do.  How are we supposed to deal with this stuff?  I use the very same tools I teach my 1:1 clients to snap out of it quickly and efficiently.  I’m gonna share one with you shortly.

These days I don’t use a couple of pounds as an excuse to give up on myself and just eat a pan of brownies.
I don’t have a last supper tonight and throw myself into a shiny new diet tomorrow.
I don’t run off to sign up for a marathon to force the weight off.

I get curious.  I know this weight gain is just a signal that something is outta whack, SOMETHING NEEDS MY ATTENTION.  I’m not doomed, not a failure, not a fat pig.  I’m just a 42-year-old gal who got a wake up call to get her hormones checked.

Do you see the difference here, friend?
The weight is an attention get-ter, not a I’m gonna beat the crap out of myself get-ter

So-what’s a gal to do when the jeans are a bit tight and the fat pig thoughts come out to play?

Snap to it.

Say what?

Yup.  Snap to it.  When you’re amidst self loathing or experience weight gain, you MUST get a hold of your thoughts.  You know the ones that go something like, You’re such a fat pig.  What’s wrong with you?  Look at that disgusting fat chunk.  Put some sweatpants on.  Stay home. You’re hopeless. Eat some Hagen Daaz.

See how garbage thoughts lead to more guilt, more shame…and more eating?   Vicious Cycle, right?  The vicious cycle starts with vicious thoughts.  So this is where you will start too.

First-notice the thoughts.  Second-replace them.  I know it’s not the sexiest answer, but neither is an 18-day period.

I wanna give you the simplest tool to literally snap you out of your funk and your crappy thoughts.

It’ll take you a millisecond.  And it will help every time you have a garbage thought about yourself, your body, your fat chunks, your 18-day period (I pray this isn’t you) or yourself in general.

You can download it HERE .

This simple technique will help you, and help you quickly.

With So Much Love,
Crystal, XO.

PS.  Don’t tell yourself you don’t have time to download it HERE now.  It will take 3 seconds to download, 60 seconds to read, and 1 second to implement.  That’s 64 seconds.  You have 64 seconds