“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

Got 14.2 Seconds?

I’m guessing you’re like most of my clients.  You want results and you want them yesterday.  I get it.  It’s literally hell to struggle beneath the weight of emotional eating issues.  I get that too.

Here’s a 14.2 second tip (I just timed myself) to reduce overeating-regardless of whether it’s the binge-y or emotional eating variety.

Eating psychology expert (yes eating psychology is a thing) Marc David recommends in his book The Slow Down Diet that one of the best things you can do for yourself before you eat is: sit down + take 3 deep breathes before you start eating.  The non-science-y answer as to why?

This 14.2 second technique allows you to take a brief moment to focus on what you’re about to do: ENJOY NOURISHING your body. 

When you eat in a stress response, ie.-slamming back a salad, standing over the sink, listening to a conference call and checking Instagram-your body doesn’t digest the nutrients in your food super well.

Taking 3 deep breaths + sitting down before you eat does more than you think:
-signals to your brain and body to relax, it’s time to eat
-forces you to slow down & enjoy your food
-decreases the potential of overeating when you focus only on the meal at hand
-allows you to feel like you’ve had the experience of eating, thereby decreasing the chances you will be grabbing for more food in an hour
-increases digestion
decreases emotional and binge-because when’s the last time you actually sat down and took 3 breaths before you binged?

Remember the goal of eating is to nourish your body and give yourself the gift of actually being comfortably and beautifully full.  Well digested food = nourishing food.

So-what can you do to remind yourself of your 14.2 second technique?  Buy yourself a stack of nice napkins-dollar stores usually have a great supply.

What’s the point?

Your nice napkin will be your reminder to sit down + take your 3 deeps breaths.  Napkins are also an inexpensive yet lovely reminder that you’re about to have an eating experience.  You’re not going to pull out a beautiful napkin and stand over the sink with it stuffed into your blouse, right?  Right.

Eat at work?  Pack a napkin for your lovely self in your lovely lunch kit.  Because you have a lovely lunch kit, right?

Just trust me-it works.

Here’s to Breathing & Flourishing,
Crystal, XO.

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