How I Work

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verb flour·ish \ˈflər-ish, ˈflə-rish\

to grow well : to be healthy
to be very successful : to do very well
to hold up and show (something) in an excited or proud way

Your Problem: You’re smart, you’re educated, you’re talented. And, you’re overweight. You’re a busy mom, your life feels frenzied, out of control. You believe your life would be perfect if you just lost that last 10, 20, 30 pounds. You’ve tried to address the issue with unsatisfying diets and torturous workout regimes that fall apart, most days, by 3pm. You are looking for a way out of the trappings of diet and body-hatred hell.

Your Solution:  Let me help you ditch those diet books that never worked any way find out what’s REALLY going on.  Together we will discover the crappy thoughts that keep you stuck, and then we will dismantle them. I will lead you on a whole life approach to losing the weight.  We systematically address each area of your life so that weight is no longer an issue. You will Flourish Into YOU, Grow Beautifully and have a a ton of fun doing it.

Work With Me: I support you with everything you need to Flourish. I walk you through my 8-Week Flourish Into You program that is…like nothing you’ve ever tried before. I provide weekly one-on-one laser-focused coaching and effective, provocative tools that you will never find in a diet book. My coaching is highly intuitive. Don’t worry, Sister. I’ve got your back.

What you get:

    • 8 one-on-one calls, once per week, 60 minutes each
    • we start each call by dissolving any crappy thoughts
    • I teach you a new topic and a new tool every week that will move you another step forward in your Flourishing Journey; each week builds on the last
    • You leave the call with your weekly challenge
    • You receive follow up and Personal Flourish Work (PFW) to your inbox within 24 hours of each session
    • I check in via email mid-week to help with your PFW and to answer any questions

What you do: As with everything in life, you get out what you put in. I expect a lot from myself and I expect a lot from you. Half-hearted work=half-hearted results. You’re smart. You know that.

  • You show up on time, for 60 minutes each week, ready to do the work, free of distractions
  • You carve out an additional 30-60 minutes per week to complete PFW between sessions
  • You complete your PFW between sessions-yes you will have aha moments during sessions, but the real work will happen between sessions, and I do expect you to work between sessions
  • You get the most out of our time together by sending any PFW that I’ve asked you to send me (some will be for your eyes only, some will be for my eyes too), in advance of the next call
  • You do not cancel calls unless you have a legit emergency

What I do:

  • I believe in you. Wholeheartedly. I believe every woman is beautiful and deserves the space and opportunity to Flourish
  • I show up, on time, without distractions, ready and excited to support you, with a wealth of knowledge, training, and tons of tools in my back pocket
  • I do not waste my own time, so I will not waste a moment of yours
  • I bring my A Game. Everytime.
  • I have a great sense of humour, but I know when to cut through the crap to call you on your BS
  • I do not judge
  • I do not allow you to live in your past. We focus on your thoughts today and move you into Flourish Mode. My tools are present and future focused
  • I use the word “crap” a lot
  • I do not cancel calls unless I have a legit emergency

Why you, Crystal Thompson?: Because stuck=sucks. Most coaching programs catapult you into high action to get results fast, fast, fast. Trust me, there will be plenty of action. In due time. First we pinpoint the crappy thoughts that are keeping you in a cycle of stuck. Change your thoughts, change your actions, change your results. Flourish. For good. I challenge you to question your thoughts. You will choose what you want to believe on a daily basis. You will see the budding of change, which is what will lead to a Flourishing Life. Without first changing your thoughts, there’s no point in changing your actions…because your results won’t stick. Case in point: traditional weight loss programs. No thanks.

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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column css=”.vc_custom_1480824070789{padding-top: 50px !important;}”][vc_column_text]“Within a 20-minute session, one by one Crystal helped me unravel the main issues I was dealing with. She broke down my problematic thoughts to simple, circumstantial issues that could be easily solved by just changing my original thought. I stepped away from the session…relieved! She taught me I have the right to choose my thoughts, always.”

-Lindi V.
Dentist, Winnipeg, MB[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]