“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

Lessons in Weight Loss From my Weiner Dog.

Weiner dogs are notorious for being difficult to house train, not liking children and barking at strangers. Clearly a perfect breed for our clan: we keep a mostly meticulous household, we have 4 children and we entertain often.

Upon Derek the Dachshund’s arrival to our family we put up a movable 10×4 White Plank to block him from peeing on the carpeted areas of our home. When he was a puppy he didn’t try to jump over the White Plank, it was physically impossible.  Now that he’s fully grown he could choose to jump over the 10 inches at any time. But he hasn’t tried. Not once.

Since it’s always been there, Derek interprets the White Plank as insurmountable. So he doesn’t even bother to put a paw up. Interesting metaphor. Think: “limiting beliefs” in self-help talk.

So then…the White Plank related to weight loss and overeating. Many of us struggle with our weight thanks to unquestioned beliefs we’ve clung to since childhood. Some of my faves include: I have a huge appetite for a girl. My entire family is overweight, so I’m kinda stuck. I came from a line of big women. My mom’s whole family had a sweet tooth, so I do too.  I had a boyfriend once who told me I’d always be chubby.

We accept our heavy-ness because we accept a White Plank as insurmountable. When you attempt to lose weight with the belief system, “My family is overweight so I’m destined to be overweight” it’s pretty much the perfect storm for the vicious cycle of self sabotage. We can’t stick with our plans because deep down we wonder, ‘What’s the point? Am I really worth this effort?’

What White Planks have you accepted into your life? Have you questioned their validity, questioned their impact on your weight issues, questioned the root of them? As per Geneen Roth in her must-read book Women Food and God, “…we spend our lives following instructions given to us ten or thirty or fifty years ago by people we wouldn’t ask for street directions from today.”

This morning I moved the White Plank over a crack to see if Derek would notice.  Never underestimate a weiner dog. Wouldn’t you know that a moment later he came bounding into my bedroom, excited as all get out that he dared to slip through that crack to see what was on the other side of that White Plank?

I love Byron Katie’s brilliant question, “Who would you be without that thought?”  How would your weight loss attempts look different if you dared to move that White Plank just a crack? It’s time to check out what’s on the other side of a crappy belief you’ve never considered jumping over.

Jumping over your White Planks is a crucial step in your weight-loss journey.  Consider the first comments that were made about your weight, your body or your appetite. How do they still impact you today?  I invite you to pull out that journal I’ve been telling you to get, set the timer for 10 minutes, grab a pen and see what comes out on paper.

Wanna talk to me about it?  My coaching relationship starts with a free 30-minute session to see where you’re at. I bet I can help.  So does Derek.  I have ONE more spot left for you to start in September. Hit me with an email crystal@flourishintoyou.com to arrange a time.

Here’s to Blowing up White Planks,

Crystal, XO.

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