Love is patient. Love is kind.

This quote is part of a lengthy Bible passage on the subject of love.
You likely heard it at the last wedding you attended.
You’ve likely heard it quoted before in the context of how to serve others first.

Have you ever considered applying love like this to yourself?

I want to challenge you in all things to choose love first.Today-let’s apply this concept to how you eat.I know it’s an unusual way to apply this verse, but my tools are not the norm-and that’s why they work.

Sister-today I wanna shake up your beautiful brain.
Let’s think outside of the box a bit.

When you eat, ask yourself-does this feel like love?

Am I being patient with myself?

Am I being kind to myself?

BIG FAT FREE TIP: Overeating, bingeing, the diet roller coaster…                                                 this is not love, this is not kindness.

Can I tell you something?
Learning how to treat yourself with LOVE, and to eat with LOVE is a skill.
It needs practise, but you can do it.

Listen-this was such an important piece in my eating recovery that I had it tattooed on my left pinky.
Photo evidence below.
Photo cred: me.
Number of selfies it took to get this sweet shot: 2.

Yes, Sisters-I took it that far.
It’s my daily reminder to choose love in all things, and particularly in how I treat myself.
My prayer for you today is that you will remember to choose love for yourself.
In what you put into your body.
In how you move your body.
In how you speak to yourself.
In all things.

With Love,
Crystal, XO.

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