“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

More Nutella = More Power.

95.89% of women are scared of Nutella.  They’ve gotta be.

Ok. That’s not a real stat, just something I used to think in my head.

But.  Almost every time I start with a new 1:1 client they explain to me why they can’t keep certain foods like: chocolate chips, taco chips, licorice, bread, crackers, cheese in the house.  You name it, I’ve heard it.

In fact, up until last week I still had a No Nutella Policy in my own house.

This sucked for the members of my household for several reasons:  We are a blended family and my step kids are very used to having Nutella at their Mom’s.  They had it at their Dad’s before he married me.  I was setting them up to believe THEY can’t be trusted around food.  But the most suck-age came from the fact that I tried to make the No Nutella Policy about the kids…

I did this in the name of: We don’t need that sort of food in our house. There’s no nutritional or health benefits in Nutella. It’s full of sugar. If we have Nutella that’s all you guys are ever gonna eat.


The No Nutella Policy had NOTHING to do with our kids and EVERYTHING to do with my own fears and demons. Ever used that awesome parenting technique?  Ooopsy Daisy.


Yup. Before I did my own work I was scared of having Nutella in the house. Scared that I would involuntarily find myself in the pantry, eating spoonful after spoonful, until the 2kg package you can buy at Costco was licked dry.

Ah yes-Costco-the hub for so many food revelations.  I was there with my stepdaughter when she asked, “Crystal, can we just get some Nutella, please?” My standard No Nutella Policy answer, “No Hun. We don’t have that type of..”

Wait a white-hot second here…

In that instant I realized that I still had strange food rules lurking around our blended family cosmos and I was sending the kids-and myself-mixed messages. Ooopsy Daisy. We came home with 2x1kg jars of Nutella.

Here’s what happened upon breaking the No Nutella Policy.

The kids had Nutella for breakfast a couple of days in a row. No one died. No one locked themselves in the pantry.  No one took it to bed with them.  Not even me. In fact, one of the kiddos commented, “I like Nutella, but only a little bit. Too much gives me an upset stomach.” Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. THIS, my Lovelies, is where it’s at.

There’s a point at which any food-be it Nutella, chicken breasts, coconut oil or broccoli- gives us a general feeling of crappiness in the form of a headache, stomach ache or low energy etc. etc. And guess what? Your body knew this at one time and you can trust your body to know it again.  It just might take some practise.

Do you have a No (fill in with whatever you’re scared of) Policy?

Here’s an outlandish idea.

  • Go buy whatever food you filled in the blank with
  • Choose a time-a minimum of 48 hours after your purchase-when you’ll be undistracted
  • Chose how you want to feel after you’re done eating The Food.  Write that feeling on a post-it note.
  • Make eating The Food an experience: Put The Food on a plate. Put a napkin on your lap. Sit down and eat it.  Make your post-it note visible.
  • Eat slowly.  Taste The Food.
  • Stop when you get to the post-it note feeling
  • If it’s the whole bar/cake/kg so be it
  • Set your timer for 20 minutes once you’re done The Food
  • Does how you feel in 20 minutes match up with your post-it note?

Who’s got the power now?  You or The Food?

BIG HUGE HINT: If all you’re thinking about is that food during the 48 hour waiting period,  I can tell you 100% it’s not about the food.  Consider-what else is going on in my life that I need to deal with?

If you’re wondering what came of me and The Nutella…I had about a teaspoon. It’s super sweet and strangely waxy. Ever notice that?

Here’s to taking back our power.

With So Much Love,
Crystal, XO.

PS. Give the outlandish idea a try. Comment below.  Let us know how it went!

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