“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

No Thanks Sloth Mode


Does your weekend screw up or help your weight loss attempts?

One of my beloved 1:1 clients, “Anne” viewed the weekend as a time to go full out into what she brilliantly deemed “sloth mode.” You know the mode…the one where we lay in bed forever, eat crappy food, watch endless Netflix, lay around some more, not move our bodies, eat stale saltines from the back of the cupboard and settle for frozen pizza for supper.

We know all too well the results of a sloth weekend…limping into Monday actually feeling like a bloated sloth, not excited about the week and not at all ready to rock it out; sloths aren’t full of a lot of rock ‘n roll.

Many of us approach the weekend as a time to “treat” ourselves to an endless hole of sloth-ness. When we boil this down, we see…it’s not really a treat.  A true weekend treat is true relaxation and rejuvenation. Last time I checked I didn’t feel super reinvigorated after inhaling whatever crappy food I scavenged from the nether regions of my pantry. Yep. Been there. Done that.

Anne and I brainstormed a nifty chart to help sort out how she wanted her weekend to roll. Very quickly Anne discerned the difference between a sloth and rejuvenating weekend.  Sayonara Sloth.

Now a chart like this will look different for each of us, so don’t try to fit your unique self into the grids of Anne’s chart. Notice…I am not recommending a militant approach to the weekend, like you shouldn’t sleep in, like you shouldn’t slow down. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m suggesting that you mindfully approach relaxation so that you are restored, not slothed the heck out.

Relaxing + Rejuvenating Sloth
Productive Sick + Tired
Sleep past 6am/wake up somewhere around 9 Languish in bed until 11:30
Nice cup of coffee + reading Still laying in bed
Treadmill/walk outisde Slothing around the house
Make a nice meal+eat mindfully Eat stale crackers mindlessly from pantry
Shower Um. Not shower
Being planful+Spending time with the children Modeling Sloth-dome
Getting the most out of the weekend Wasting the weekend

Going into this weekend think about what truly restores YOU and makes YOUR beautiful self Flourish. Here are some questions to get your rejuvenation mojo flowing:

  • What rejuvenates you like nothing else?
  • What time do you want to wake up so you feel rested but not slothed out?
  • What type of food will nourish you this weekend?
  • What type of movement will reinvigorate you this weekend?
  • How do you want to feel when your alarm goes off Monday morning?

Be intentional about how you relax this weekend.

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