“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

On Casting Your Cares

If you’re anything like the rest of the world, this is the time of year when you’re getting…
Tired, Weary, Overwhelmed.

Christmas is around the corner.
Kids sports are in high gear.
Homework is an epic event every evening.
Year end is knocking on your door.

And maybe your to-do list is so overwhelming you have trouble breathing.
Hang tight-you’ll have a tiny 2-step plan for dealing with your overwhelm shortly…
First a quick story for you-

I had one of “those” days yesterday.
Literally, I only mustered up the minimum.
I canceled a breakfast meeting.
I responded to what I had to.
Read fiction.
Made supper for the kids.
That’s it.

I wasn’t just being lazy.
I had a signal this is what I needed.

When life = stress.
God sends us signals to slow down.
Cast Your Cares.


My signal arrives in the form of literally seized-up hips.
And also cravings for chocolate bars.

With God’s grace, the chocolate bar thing is no problem.
But the seized-up hips?
I can’t overcome that on my own.
I need help.

We’re clearly instructed to:
Cast all your cares on Him, because he cares for you.
~ I Peter 5:7

Allow this verse to permeate your life.
Whatever your cares are.
100% of the time,
Casting your Cares = Step 1.
Whether the care is all consuming, or teeny tiny.
NOTE: This is not where your job ends.

God calls us to be women of action.
Action = Step 2.
Sometimes that action is resting.
Sometimes it’s a simple step.
Sometimes it’s a leap right outta your comfort zone.

After casting all my fears, stress and frustration on God (step 1).
My step 2s looked like:

  • true rest
  • a chiropractor visit
  • a slow walk around the block
  • stretching
  • shutting down from work completely

Step 1: Cast.
Step 2: Action (big or small).

God signals all of us in mysterious ways.
Whether He signals you through bodily pain, weariness or a cravings…
I pray that you will take note and follow those signals for this upcoming season.

You’ll manage so much better with more joy and less overwhelm.

With Love,
Crystal, XO.

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