[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”1317″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Crystal has been incredible to work with.  I had weight to lose and not only did I start losing weight very, very quickly and it continued to come off.  Her coaching also spilled over into other areas of my life.  She helped me work through some difficult situations.  She’s been absolutely fantastic to work with.

Crystal’s techniques are ground breaking, they’re absolutely incredible.  I can’t highly recommend her enough.  She’s been fantastic…the process, the classiness, the professionalism, everything about it from the beginning up to now has been first class and incredible.  Thank you, Crystal!

Liz Nicholls
Entrepreneur, Calgary, AB

I used to have “Pantry Pity Parties” every time my stress peaked.  This meant standing inside the pantry and mindlessly shovelling chocolate chips or taco chips into my face until I calmed down.  Then I’d be disgusted with myself.  Disgust led to more stress.  I felt the treats calling me.  Time for the pantry again!  Rinse and repeat.  I did this for years.

At this very moment there are delectable chocolates and nacho taco chips in the pantry.  We even have some of those tempting thin mint cookies!  They’ve been there for a few weeks!!!  Of course, there have been the usual stresses over those same weeks, but no “Pantry Pity Parties.”

Crystal helped me recognize my patterns and learn techniques to address what was really going on.

Crystal is skilled at uncovering motivations, and her words ring true with the compassion that been there, done that brings.  Her observations amazed me and I found myself continually wanting to write that down  so I could go back to them again and again.

Prior to our sessions, I injured myself and was unable to exercise.  I didn’t have a whole lot of weight to lose in the first place, but was struggle with the mid-life midriff.  I was afraid this would really have me packing it on through inactivity and pantry attacks…happily, pounds still came off and I continue to lose gradually.

Crystal I can’t thank you enough for inspiring and guiding me to look at food in a new way!

Territory Manager, Winnipeg, MB

“It is hard to encapsulate the gratitude I have for you & the things I learned when working with you but I think this sums it up (to a point).

Today I had my yearly physical. You know, the kind where you end up in a vulnerable and compromising position. Aside from the expected drop in weight compared to last year, the nurse in the office commented on how much she admired my self-assured confidence when stepping onto the scale. She told me usually this part of the exam was met with dread by most patients and that they could take a page from my book. Hmmmm, me? Self-assured? Wow! No big deal hopping on the scale? Astounding!

Then came the doctor. She couldn’t get over my “transformation.” She congratulated me on saving & prolonging my life by shedding some weight. She said I seemed happier than I had in a long time and wondered if I’d won the lottery. You see, Crystal, in a way I have!

I have lost not only pounds but YEARS of suffering. Suffering over what others might think, how I think about myself, how I share myself with the world.
It’s not just the number on the scale that defines me any more or whether I fit the mold I think I should fit in order to be loved or accepted by others. I am so much more than that number. With your help, I have learned to give myself permission to love all parts of me in all iterations. The weight on my psyche is gone. It’s an indescribable unburdening.

In all fairness, I’m not at my goal yet in part because I have chosen to enjoy moments of cider and smores this summer. BUT…. food no longer has power over me. A bite doesn’t become a bender, a taste doesn’t escalate into self-loathing. If I falter, I don’t quit. I ask myself important questions and scribble the feelings into my colorful and bloated journal.

Not today, sugar. Today, I choose me.

How can I ever fully thank you for that? You gave me a gateway to an exquisite life.”

Public Educator, Winnipeg, MB

Crystal is a warm, sensitive, and intuitive coach. If you are like me and harbor negative thoughts and secrets about yourself, too shameful and too afraid to share, then see for yourself—take a step forward and try coaching with Crystal. She’ll create a welcoming and trusting relationship that will allow you to move past your fears and shame. And you’ll naturally find the courage to open up and reveal yourself. I know because it happened to me! I’m on my way—changing from the inside out—loving who I am and who I will become.”

Vice President, Financial Services, Ohio

“Crystal is a very thoughtful, intuitive coach. Her questions and process really get to the root of what the issue is. I have been struggling with balance for the past number of years and she helped me realize that it’s not a time management issue, but a boundary issue. I have been setting boundaries at home or in my business work life so what I really need has been lost in everyone else’s needs. She helped me start with small steps towards achieving change and keeps me accountable.”

-Michelle L.
Owner, Tiber River Naturals, Winnipeg, MB

“Crystal is brave. Crystal is bold. Crystal is focused on your future, she is 100% committed to your personal growth, and stands beside you in a completely non judgmental way. She is a true gift. Crystal will help you become the woman you know you can be. So be brave. Be bold. Join me and work with Crystal so you too, can shine bright.”

-Carla L.
mother of two, gym owner, fitness enthusiast, organizing fanatic and a Flourish Into You fan. Longmont, Colorado.

“Within a 20-minute session, one by one Crystal helped me to unravel the main issues I was dealing with. She broke down my problematic thoughts to simple, circumstantial issues that could be easily solved by just changing my original thought. I stepped away from the session…relieved! She taught me I have the right to choose my thoughts, always.”

-Lindi V.
Dentist, Winnipeg, MB

“I’m so glad I started this journey with Crystal. In so many areas of my life i have made great strides but Crystal has helped me focus and move forward where I have been stuck. She is approachable, positive and respects the amount I can take on in any given moment but gently helps me move forward. I highly recommend Crystal for anyone who wants to improve and take charge of their life.”

-Lynn Savage
Interior Designer, Winnipeg, MB

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first heard the words “life coach”, but I knew that my life needed to change. As a full-time working mom of 3 busy children, life always felt frenzied and out-of-control. I was always failing at playing catch-up. Meeting with Crystal was absolutely the encouragement I needed to begin to get things in better order! I learned that I needed to start taking care of myself in order to be able to take care of everyone else. Work and home life have both improved immensely and I have learned to better speak up for myself. I would highly recommend Crystal to anyone who feels like they could use a boost in their life! She is kind, caring and listens, but with just the right amount of “push” to make sure that you’re following through. And I really love being able to book appointments through her website – makes it so much easier to match up her availability with my own!”

-Amy A.
Executive Assistant, Winnipeg, MB

“I have found Crystal’s approach to life coaching to be simple and direct, helping me to apply it to every day life. Very quickly, she identified key areas to improve on thus enabling me to find greater balance in my life as a whole. She focused in on my need to self-care, allowing myself to own my own self-care measures. Crystal has helped uncover some of the negative thoughts that would often drift through my mind. Now, she has equipped me with the tools so I can move through those negative thoughts and live a more positive and peaceful life.”

-Dana V.
Dental Hygenist, Winnipeg, MB

“When I read Crystal’s first Facebook blog, I was stunned (because it takes courage to open oneself) as I understood everything she was writing and felt that it had been written for me. Then, along came her second blog….again, it was as if it was written for me. She offered a few sessions and I instantly took her up on her offer. Who better to understand what I was going through. Crystal is very professional, sympathetic and empathetic as well as non – judgmental. In working with Crystal, I have had many a-ha moments in regards to my eating habits. I have learnt why I do what I do. She provides sound guidance and supports you no matter what. She does not rush you when you are speaking but allows you to come up with the answer, whether it makes sense or not.

Her latest blog On Confessions Of A Hotel Room Near Binge was the best yet! She was speaking to me again! Crystal knows which paragraphs hit home for me. I truly understood what I was doing and realized some changes had to be made. If you are looking for a Life Coach…Crystal is it! She is patient, understanding, non-judgmental and completely understands what you are going through. She asks pointed questions which may make you a little uncomfortable but that is where you get your a-ha moments! Thank you Crystal for being there.”

-Sharmila D.
Sales Professional, Mississauga ON[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column css_animation=”bounceIn” css=”.vc_custom_1480565985208{background-image: url( !important;}”][vc_column_text]

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