“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

Ready for a Taste of Freedom from Dieting?

Ready for a taste of freedom from dieting?

Then here’s a powerful question to answer. Who would you be without all those dieting rules filling up your big, beautiful brain?

I recently posed this question to a client. This client is an incredible, charismatic and vibrant woman. She is hugely successful. She is a doctor. She has been on every diet known to woman. As have I. I bet you have too.

This client has lost many pounds, many times. The problem? The pounds always find their way back to her.  We figured out why.

Sooner or later she rebels against the voices screaming at her in her head. The voices that tell her to stay on diet/protocol/regimen/program/points. Insert whatever name you’re giving your rules du jour (my rules used to change daily).

She binged on those white-powdered mini donuts a couple weeks back. Funny thing- she doesn’t even like sweets. What her head yelled at her just before she ate them? “You can’t eat those! They’re not on your protocol. Don’t break protocol!  Don’t break protocol!! Don’t break protocol!!!”

She rebelled against the rules set before her. She ate the donuts. She didn’t even enjoy them.  She told herself she would stick to that protocol she’d carefully developed.  She would start again tomorrow. How often have you fed yourself that line?  Ya.  That’s a common lie based on crappy diet mentality.

I asked her this powerful question, “Who would you be without a million diet rules to rebel against?”

It took her a week to digest the question.  When I checked in with her she reported, No dieting rules – So far what I have is, I will feel a lot of freedom and I did feel that this weekend. Lots of pressure off me to think and do other things.  The key word? FREEDOM. Who would you be if you were free? What could YOU do if you were free from the pressure of diets?

She has given me permission to share this with you. I think it will resonate.  Hearing her words was like poetry to my ears, to her ears-and I pray-to yours.

I remember who she is.
So confident.
I never, ever thought about food.
I ate for fuel.
I felt alive and excited for what I could offer the world.
What I could learn.
I loved to have fun.
I loved clothes, I loved to shop.
There was no worry about trying to find 8 different outfits.
I was only worried about who I was going to see, not if I was going to break my diet.

This beautiful, brave client is rediscovering who she was before all the diet rules got in her way.   She is remembering what freedom tastes like.
She is flourishing.

Ready to imagine who you will be when there are no diet rules to rebel against? Want someone who has been there and done that? Want a coach who can empathize with your stories with compassion, without judgment?

It would be my honour to serve you.

Take 5 minutes to fill out this application: https://flourishintoyou.com/connection-call-application

I will email you to set up a time to chat.

I want to hear your story. Don’t worry. I’ve heard it before, I’ve likely done it before. There is a path to freedom, to flourishing.  Let’s create yours.

With So Much Love,

Crystal, XO.

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