“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

Time to Break Up with Your Diet Rules?

You know what Sisters? I’ve been a good girl all my life. I tried to follow all the rules. I really did. So, when I came across diet rules that I perceived as working for everyone else…well heck ya, I followed them.

Except they didn’t work. In fact, I think trying so so very hard to be a good girl and follow the diet rules was a big ol’ contributing factor to my binge and emotional eating issues.

Are you trying to follow diet rules? I’d bet my bottom dollar you can relate to these 5 gems…

Never have treats in your house.
I’ve watched TV shows wherein a celebrity trainer literally descended on households to drag out garbage bags of restricted food. So, this is what I did. I did not keep any chocolate, cake, sugar, cheese “bad” food in my house. PUhleasse. How’s this actually a good strategy? When I wanted to have a “bad” food I didn’t care what it took-a plane, train or automobile- I got myself to the store. I then proceeded to binge on the “bad” food. What this methodology tells our souls is that we’re not to be trusted around food. No food is stronger than you, no food needs to be banished. Girl…no.  You can make a decision as to when and how much of any food you want to eat at any given time. Telling yourself that you cannot be trusted around certain types of food sets you up for eating a dozen donuts in a plane, train or automobile.

Take a cheat day.
Here’s what this meant to me…white knuckle it all week on perfectly balanced “zone” meals and cheat on the weekend, for the whole weekend…stuff as much “cheat” food into gullet, sit on couch. And then what? Why…start over Monday, of course! Hello diet mentality. No thanks. Let’s treat ourselves to relaxation and rejuvenation over the weekend. How do you really feel when you binge out on everything in sight? Besides. What does a cheat day even mean? Who are you cheating on? Your crappy diet? Here’s a piece of advice. Break up with that diet all together, then you won’t have to check on it anymore.

No pain, no gain.
We heard of this all through the 80s and 90s. If you don’t push yourself, what’s the point? Where’s the gain? I don’t push myself to exercise any longer. These days? I am a woman who moves her body most days of the week, without fail. Too hard workouts left me energy-less and hungry, which is the opposite of how I would like to feel after I workout. Find something you enjoy, be mindful of how you feel AFTER you’re done, make sure that it feels good and energizing. Then, just do that.

Don’t step on the scale
Really? Why not? I say step on the scale every morning. Don’t like the number? Why not? What are you making it mean? The very first skill I teach women is how to coach themselves. Stepping on the scale gives you an opportunity to coach yourself around what you see. The weight is just a number-it’s the THOUGHT attached to that number that causes you any suffering at all. Remember-whether you’re 10, 50, 100, 200, 300 or 400 pounds overweight, there are countless women on this planet who would feel like they won the lottery if they woke up in your body.  Yes, the scale can go up a couple of pounds day to day, but the number every couple of weeks is a good indicator of what’s happening with your weight.

Eat a low-fat diet
The worst, worst, worst. Ladies! Fat is our friend. You can go out and read all the research, be my guest. I’ve read it and forgotten most of it. The most important research you can do is on your own body. Do a study where n=1; the subject is you and only you. Cut out the low-fat nonsense. When I did my n of 1 I found carbs don’t give me a ton of energy, but fat and protein do. Here’s what eating more fat has done for me: increased my energy, decreased my hypoglycaemic rage between meals, cut down on the number of meals and snacks I “have” to have in a day, stabilized my blood sugar levels and decreased my sugar cravings. Oh, and I’m at the lowest weight of my adult life. There’s also that. I know it takes a bit of wrapping your mind around, but healthy fat doesn’t make you fat-it’s a beautiful source of fuel…and it’s super delicious.

Are you struggling with un-follow-able diet rules and mentality? I totally get it. I’d love to chat with you. I know exactly where you’re coming from. I can help. Email me, crystal@flourishintoyou.com Let’s arrange a time to chat. XO.

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