“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

Week 4- What are YOU weighting for?

January has been an exciting month for us at Flourish Into You.  I want you to finish the month with something short, sweet and powerful.

How is your extra weight keeping you safe?

I talk to many women who are waiting until they lose that last 10, 20, 50 or 100 pounds to start dressing better, ask for a raise, apply for a new job, go for a walk, do their creative work, go out on a date, try to have another child, go out for a trail run and the list goes on.

Why are you putting your life on hold?

So many women put their lives on hold; waiting for that perfect number on the scale.  This needs to stop. We are so much more than our weight, than a number on the scale.

Hiding behind a number is an excuse.  It’s an excuse not to do that scary, brave courageous thing. You are hiding behind that number on the scale, you are hiding behind the weight you want to lose. So, in some strange and twisted way, the extra weight you’re carrying is subconsciously keeping you safe; you don’t need to take action until that weight comes off.  So the weight doesn’t come off and you can stay stuck in a cycle of self deprecating, zero-action nonsense.

Earlier this week I was speaking to a woman I’ve not met in person before, but her vibrancy came through in absolute spades over the phone.  When I asked her who she would be without her extra weight her response was, “I would feel lighter physically, I would move more.”  I told her that she could start feeling physically lighter now, that she could move more right now, regardless of her weight.  So, this week she is taking small steps to move more.

It should always start small. Small manageable steps that you can take right now;

regardless of your weight.

Your Last Challenge:

Determine who you would be without the extra weight. Take some time to write down who you would be without the extra weight and you can start to become that woman right now.

Think of a small step you can take for her.  That woman is inside you now.  You don’t have to weight.  Let her out.  The world is waiting for her, the world needs her.

Why?  That woman you’re yearning to be is the woman you’re meant to be; and she’s awesome.

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