“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

When Every Monday is D-Day.

Hold onto your seat, Dear One.  The story below might sting a bit…

Diets revolve around extremes, deprivation and big-time rules.
Try any diet and you will lose weight, if you stick to it…forever.
Sure diets work. But not for the long term.
If diets worked for the long term they wouldn’t have a failure rate of 98 point something %.
You’d only have had to join Weight Watchers that one time.

Check out this scenario.  I’d bet my bottom dollar you’re gonna relate.

It’s Monday. You’re so excited to start your new diet.
You spent the weekend eating everything and anything that isn’t nailed down. Because Monday is D-Day and everything is about to change.
This is it! This time is going to be different.
You downloaded that free shopping list that every diet touts-the one they say is gonna make your life so much easier.
You did exactly as they told you.
You’ve cleared out the pantry, except what the kids need for their lunches, and bought all the fancy things and the grass-fed whey protein powder.
THIS is the diet to end all diets.
You know this because the testimonials in the book sound just like you, and if they can do it, you can do it. They said so.
You shopped, you chopped, you prepped-after all they said this was the antidote to end all weight gain. You just need to be prepared and have a plan!
You have all of your perfectly portioned food in your lunch kit.
You’re a smart, successful woman.
You’ve got this.

Wow. This IS the diet to end all diets.
You sailed through Monday. You avoided the donuts in the lunch room. Who eats that crap anyway?
You ate all your perfectly prepared foods at exactly the prescribed time.
You’re only a little bit hungry at the end of your workday. That’s OK.
You’ve got this.

You rush off to grab the kids from school.
They’re starving.
One of them forgot his baseball jersey at a friend’s house. He needs it for his game tonight.
The other needs help to study. He has a big test tomorrow.
The other reminds you that you promised to time his wind sprints. Soccer season is coming.
You remember your husband is working late tonight.
Your anxiety is rising.
You notice some physical sensations of overwhelm.
You notice you’re getting hungrier.
That’s OK. Supper is coming.
You’ve got this.

You rush to get supper on the table.
You’ve eaten your 4 oz chicken breast, “all the veggies you want,” and 1/4c of steamed brown rice.
The boys eat everything in site. You leave the table hungry. But that’s OK. It’s D-Day.
You’ve got this.

You rush to the friend’s for the baseball jersey, promise to help the other kid study while at baseball, and assure the other you will indeed time his winds prints the minute you get home.
You’ve got this.

You notice other baseball Moms with snacks and drinks, eating sunflower seeds and chips and having a gay old time.
Why don’t you ever have a gay old time?
Must be nice to be able to eat chips with wild abandon.
Why are they so skinny? And they eat chips? Why are you so unlucky?
Why does your metabolism suck?
Why are you SO hungry right now?
It’s OK. It’s D-Day. You’re not going to be fat for much longer.
Soon you’ll have a gay good time too.
You’ve got this.

You rush home after baseball.
Kids are all hungry. Again.
The one kid is becoming anxious over the test tomorrow. You reassure him.
You make more food and start picking at it, because man you’re hungry.
You’ll just have some veggie sticks. They’re “free.”
It’s OK. You can eat as many as you want!
You’ve got this.

How is it bedtime already?

One kid is crying because you promised to help him with his wind sprints.
The other is so worried about his test he has a stomach ache and you’re worried he won’t sleep.
The third is complaining he never gets enough time on the iPad.

Your anxiety ramps up a notch.
You don’t lose it.
You get the boys to bed.
Now you’re freaking out.
Why are you such a crappy Mom?
Why did you promise to help with the wind sprints? Why is he so anxious about tests? Is he addicted to screen time and the iPad?
Why can’t you get it together and why isn’t your husband home yet?
Why are you always left alone to manage everything?

CRAP. Why are you so hungry?
It’s OK. Just move to the next task.
You’ve got this.

You start making the kids lunches.
Why do Oreos have to smell so good? Maybe just 1.
Man-why do they taste so good? Maybe just 2.
How many calories for 2 anyway? 90 calories. That’s OK.
OK. 3 Oreos. This is the last one.
Your phone pings. Oh plop. You forgot to email your boss that report you promised her.
Why can’t you get it together?

And suddenly, the bag of Oreos is gone and you’re moving onto crackers. Maybe just a few. And where did you put the cheese?
You’ll start over on Tuesday.
You don’t fare well being hungry on Tuesday, or on Wednesday.
You spend the rest of the week eating and preparing for your new D-Day.
Monday is just around the corner.
It’s going to be different.
This time you’re gonna nail it. Be more prepared. Find a better way to deal with the hunger.
Maybe you’ll pick up a journal. Everyone seems to be journaling these days…

Here’s the thing about dieting.
It doesn’t help with dealing with the overwhelm that we all run into in life-despite our best-laid plans.
Some of us drink when we’re stressed, some of us lose it on our kids, some of us spend too much time on Netflix, some of us watch porn, some of us use prescription drugs, some of us smoke pot, and some of us…we eat.

Food is our comfort and we return to it over and over again when we’re happy, mad sad or glad.  You see, food is kinda tricky because you never have to smoke pot or drink Sangria again, but you do have to eat again.  And this is why diets don’t work.  You need to address the reasons you’re turning to food, the thoughts about the food and why you don’t trust yourself not to be on a diet.

And then weight loss will happen…when you’re not stress eating, happy eating, or why didn’t I help my kid with his wind sprints eating.

Some things can’t be worked through in the pages of a book.
Just like one of your kids needs a baseball coach, just like one of your kids needs you to coach him in studying and just like the other needs you to coach him with his wind sprints. Why don’t you give yourself permission to get the coaching and support YOU need?

Did what you read above sting a bit? Do you know deep down that you’re ready for a different way? Good.

It’s time you worked with someone who knows exactly where you’re coming from and has done AND heard it all before.  To work with a coach whose expertise is working with busy, high-performing Moms who have it all figured out…except the eating.

Click here to schedule in 30 minutes with me.

You’ve got this. You can learn how to stop turning to food.
You’ve got this. You can learn how to nourish your body, according to your unique, beautiful self.
You’ve got this. You can stop dieting and create a life and a body you love.

Change is possible for you, yes even you.

With So Much Love,
Crystal, XO

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