“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

Why I want you to keep brownies on your counter.

Has this life coach lost her dang mind?  Stay with me….it will make sense to you in a few short moments…but first…

I used to think brownies happened to me.  Whenever they existed within my vicinity, lots of them happened to jump into my mouth.  Without choice.
Can I get a shout out for legit crazy thinking?

GIRL! Food does not happen to you.  Eating does not happen to you.  Bingeing in your car does not happen to you.  Eating is a choice.  Every time.

Choice is a clear distinction to make as you win the war against dieting, bingeing, overeating and turning to food to cope with all things-good and bad.

Good news, Sister!  Your mindset is a fabulously easy place to begin.  And here’s the mindset I want you to put on with the speed of Greased Lightening.

“I have a choice.”

You can choose to eat in a way that brings you energy, a clear mind and a satisfied body.  You can choose to binge out on an entire pint of Hagen Daaz and a family-sized bag of soft Cheetos.

So where do you start?  I’m glad you asked.  Because it’s super simple.

Each time you eat, you simply tell yourself, “I’m choosing to eat this.”  Each time you don’t eat something, you simply tell yourself, “I’m choosing not to eat this.”

Example-I bake brownies for our kids lunches on occasion.  They were not here over the weekend (we are a blended family and they were with their other parents).  There was a plate full of brownies in full view every moment of every day this weekend.  My former self put dish soap on them and threw them in the garbage, for fear they would happen to me.

Please don’t subscribe to the ridiculous mindset that you should clear your pantry of any and all the “bad foods.”  This sends the message you have no power over food.  Outta sight, outta mind, right?  NO.  I did this for years until I willpowered myself for only long enough to “find” myself driving around in my car eating a 6-pack of donuts on the regular.

Back to the weekend.  Did I think of eating just a sliver, straightening out the edges of the brownie on the counter many times this weekend?  You betcha.  But then I told myself, “I choose not to eat this.”

And this my Sister Friend, is a powerful skill that you can learn.  And all skills worth mastering-take practice.

So? Why do I want you to keep brownies on your counter?  To practice, to remind yourself-you can eat as much as you want at any given moment, any day of the week.  You are the one making the choice.  You are a glorious woman who doesn’t need to hide food, not buy food or not make food because you’re scared you don’t have the will power not to let it happen to you.  NONSENSE.

This continual practice breaks down that see-brownies-crave-need-respond-by-eating-brownies neuropathway (I can’t remember the scientific journal I found this term in-otherwise I would reference it) down millimetre by millimetre…until brownies on the counter are about as exciting to you as that clingy boyfriend you had in high school.

When you choose, you have power.  Will power runs out.  Choice does not.

Here’s one more choice you want to make.  Join my FREE Facebook group here so that you can join our Flourishing Community.  This space is for you if you want the support of a like-minded community ready to ditch diets and create a body and a life you love.  I’m in there every day nudging and helping.  I can’t wait for you to join us!

With Love,


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