“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

Willpower OR Freedom.


You found The Diet. The one that promises to be the last diet you’ll ever need. Your friend lost 12 pounds on it. It’s 9am Monday morning and it’s on like Donkey Kong; you have all of your food perfectly portioned and packed. You’ve hidden your “bad” food, because outta sight outta mind.  Your fat days are surely over.

You have a crazy day at work. You manage to ignore the donuts in the staff room-because, The Diet. Nope you ain’t stopping at the drive thru between meetings because, The Diet. Yeah! You’re nailing it. Phew. Enroute to school pick up the admin calls to let you know that your children await your late arrival in the office.  Again.

You made it home. Your manager texts you to be on a “quick” conference call at 5pm.  Crap.  You let the kids play video games, even though “they’re not allowed to play during the week.” During the conference call you rush to get supper on the table and pray no one will complain about whatever it is you serve. You have supper but you’re only partly there. You want to eat what everyone else is eating but you’re pleased with yourself because you stuck to The Diet. You help with homework, supervise school lunch creation, do a load of laundry and return a couple of emails amidst one child needing help with long division, another needing a snack and another needing a signature and $10 for their school field trip tomorrow.

You’re hungry because, The Diet.  The kids are finally asleep and those Oreos+chips you hid-outta site outta mind-call your name. Loudly. Crap. In a matter of minutes you find yourself at the end of the cookie row and at the bottom of the chip bag.  You’ve ruined The Diet. Well, since you’re starting The Diet over tomorrow you’re making this the last binge; may as well go all the way.  This is really it.  So you add in a couple of glasses of wine to numb the pain of your hangover binge and pray for strength to do better on The Diet tomorrow.

You know what happened?  Life.  Your will power to stick to The Diet ran out.  

When your kids went to bed, you finally had a chance to breathe and be alone with yourself, which can be scary. Instead of stopping for a nanosecond to ask yourself what you really need, which I can guarantee you it isn’t Oreos+chips, you reached for the best way you know to comfort yourself: food.

When I recently surveyed my community only 8% of respondents said they could keep a diet for more than a year while 16% percent responded they could stick to a diet for more than a month.  76% of the women surveyed were unable to keep their diet for more than a week.  Willpower runs out, and for most of us, fairly quickly.

The alternative to willpower?  Freedom.

Here’s what freedom looks like when it comes to food and your weight loss. You have the exact same day at work and with your kids (although coaching can help with that frenzy too). Instead of turning to the Oreo+chips combo and “cheating” on The Diet, you stop and discover your thoughts, you work through what it is you really need.  You consider how you will fell after the Oreo+chips combo, and it’s not how you want to feel.  Maybe you’re actually hungry and need a bit more nourishment. Maybe you take 10 minutes to get your house in order for tomorrow.  Maybe you read a book of fiction.  Maybe you sit in silence.  Maybe you call your girlfriend.  Maybe you shut down your laptop and go to bed early.

Over time and thanks to new habits it barely crosses your mind to turn to the Oreo+chips combo. Why? Because once you discover what the real issue under the food is, you will find freedom.   Willpower is no longer part of the equation.

Dictinoary.com defines willpower as, “control exerted to do something or restrain impulses” and freedom as, “the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.”  Which do you choose?

Stop relying on willpower.  It runs out.  Let’s talk about what true freedom could mean for you.  I have 2 spots opening up next week.  Let’s talk about you grabbing one of them.  Freedom is possible for you.  Yes.  Even you.  Email me to arrange a free chat crystal@flourishintoyou.com 

To Freedom,

Crystal, XO.


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