Your Day to Flourish

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Your Day to Flourish (6-hour, full day intensive+follow up)

A day only for you. Designed for you.

Are you desperate to figure our your weight struggles RIGHT NOW?  Fast Track to your Flourishing Life.  Join me for an entire day full of aha moment after aha moment.

We work in person in my coaching space if you are in the Winnipeg area, or over Skype. Don’t let your location stop you.  This life-changing day comes with 2 weeks of follow-up email support PLUS one 60-minute follow up call to be scheduled whenever you want.

I send you detailed prework, you fill it out and get it back to me, I set to work creating a day to meet your specific needs.

This is your fastest way to Flourish.  Let’s go all in!
Times available throughout the week, evenings and on the weekends.