“She is clothed in strength and dignity.” Proverbs 31:25

Your power, your choice.

I bet you can relate to this.

You’ve been on so many diets and ups and downs and merry go rounds that you barely know what in tarnation to eat anymore.
The food police-from decades of dieting-yell at you in your head, on the daily.
You know the food police…

They told you to eat low fat.
Then they told you to eat 5-6 small meals to stay in-the Zone.
Then they told you to eat lots of meat-Paleo.
Then they said, we got it wrong-eat fat-Keto and now intermittent fasting is in vogue.
And Sister-I thought I heard it all until I heard about the carnivore diet last week, which is just as it sounds-they say to eat only meat.
Sweet Jesus-what in the world and how is this a thing?

Diets are confusing. Yes, they are.
Because I lost weight following Atkins, and South Beach and also staying within my Weight Watchers points and also doing The Zone.
I also gained it all back and went onto the next great thing…singing an unhappy song of confusion.
Show me any diet.
If you stick to it, exactly as formulated, you will lose weight.

But at what cost, and for how long?

Here’s what dieting does to your brain in very scientific terms-it messes it up. A lot.
When you rely on them to tell you what to eat, you are stuck not trusting yourself, not trusting your body, and you are left having no clue as to what to actually put in your mouth.

If you’ve lost sight of the fact that you have a choice in this matter of eating…
If you feel endlessly stuck, here’s where to start…

Remind yourself you are a grown-up woman who can put whatever she wants to in her mouth.
You are free to choose.
You really are.
But decades of dieting have confused you and told you you must stay in a set of guidelines, which changes with every season.
Those same diets have told you that you cannot choose and cannot be trusted with your food choices.

I’m not going to tell you what to eat today.
But I am going to tell you what to think each time you eat.
And it’s simple, so, hold onto your bum (because this is more fun than holding onto a chair).

I am choosing to eat this.

Are you totally blown away?

Reminding yourself you are free to eat whatever you choose, whenever you choose takes the power away from food and the soul-sucking, confusing diet industry that’s taken up too much of our precious brain space and puts it back into your well-manicured hands.

Because Dearest, you can eat a pint of chocolate peanut butter Hagen Daaz.
You can eat a low fat meal of pasta and low fat sauce.
You can eat a salad with chicken and avocado.
You can drink a green smoothie.
You can eat a jar of that marshmallow fluff.
No one is sticking food in your mouth and you have a choice as to what you’re choosing to eat, but only 100% of the time.

So start here: I am choosing to eat this.
Remind yourself that YOU have the power and that whatever you are choosing to eat is in fact, a choice.
Trust me. This is a mighty step towards food freedom.
This is powerful stuff.
Simple tweaks for big results.

I’m teaching a Facebook live on the topic of “Choice” on Monday, June 25th at 12:15 CST.
My lives are bite sized.
Usually 10-15 minutes long.
They usually include a free download and some really awesome group chat.
You can chime in on the chat or be a silent learner. You choose. We’re cool like that.

Click here link to join our group.
If you can’t be there live, that’s OK.
I will post the vid for you so you can watch and rewatch to your heart’s desire.
Bonus-sometimes my wiener dog Derek joins us.
But only when I’m really amped up and really don’t want him to.

I can’t wait to see you and your beautiful face in our group of awesome women.

All Flourishers Welcome.

Crystal, XO.

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